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The Brand

Different products will be associated with the “La Castañeda” Brand, such as Dark choclates bars, chocolates, sugar free choclates, and chocolates made with fine aroma cocoa, bakery, pastry and services, among we wich can mention Chocolate service, Coffee service, Restaurant, Brunch, events, receptions, among others.

Amazing Experience

La Castañeda is a magical place where you can find many delicious and sugar-free or sugar-free products, without flavorings or preservatives or artificial sweeteners and above all the best dark chocolate made with fine aroma cocoa, you can also find the best healthy food in its facilities in a magical place.


All the products of the “La Castañeda” brand have complete information that allows knowing the process of the product from the beginning to the end, this means that for each product there is complete information that allows knowing everything that is being consumed and/or used, on each package there will be a QR code that will take us to the traceability information.

Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime at La Castañeda

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